Teacher Feedback

On this year’s application for science project support from the Synopsys Outreach Foundation, we asked teachers to respond to three questions in order to help us better understand the impact of our program and science projects in general.

When asked why colleagues were not doing science projects, many teachers selected Teachers dont have enough access to materials, equipment and other resources to do science projects as a reason.

We’d like to get more specifics to better understand what this means.  From your perspective, is the reason that colleagues don’t do science projects because that lack basic science equipment for the classroom?  If yes, what pieces of equipment?  Or is the reason that colleagues don’t know about the Synopsys Outreach Foundation’s program of science project support to receive donated science project poster boards? Or is it something else?

Please take just a minute to share some quick thoughts on this question…..a few words or a few lines will be adequate.  We’re always trying to find ways to enable teachers, and this would be a big help.