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My Science Fair Experience

Science projects and science fairs have been a part of education in America for many years. According to The Atlantic, the first science fair in the U.S. was held in New York in 1928. Today, a Google search for “science fair projects” yields millions of results.Whether satisfying or frustrating or somewhere in between, a science project usually provides a memorable experience. In most instances, it serves as a rite-of-passage for students. Sometimes, it ignites a spark and propels a student to a career in science or engineering.We’re interested in hearing about your science fair experience. Did it provide a good recollection? Is it remembered as a catastrophe? Did it move you closer to science or perhaps put you on a path to a scientific career?Please take a moment to briefly tell us about your science fair experience. No need to provide your name, but if you’d like, please feel free to use just your first name and the first letter of your last. Your entry will be reviewed and if approved will be posted on this page.


Having students complete projects I saw transformations. One student literally trembled when he began, and every part he asked for was that “thing”. As he worked at his chosen goal and dealt with what worked and what didn’t, he blossomed into a competent young man who spoke easily of “function generators” and “front surface mirrors”. It is one of my most treasured teaching memories.