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Science Fair Resources

Dear Teachers,

We know there is so much available online, but sometimes that's the problem: not only can it be overwhelming, but much of it is just plain bad. So we'd like to share some of our favorite "go to" science fair resources with you.

We've included a list of sites, books, and equipment that we hope will help make your searching easier and expand your repertoire of projects. Happy experimenting!

Project idea websites:

Students can look for abstracts of past projects on the:

California State Science Fair site

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair site

Students SHOULD NOT be allowed to use

Use a more sophisticated device to gather your data:

UV meter

IR meter



Moisture meter

Use a cell phone!

It can be a:

Microscope (

Sound meter (iAnalyzer Lite)

Flower Field guide (Like That Garden)

Altimeter (My Altitude)


Painless Science Projects
Faith Hickman Brynie Ph.D.

Botany on Your Plate
Katharine D. Barrett

Human Body Explorations
Karen Kalumuck

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method
Sally Kneidel

Edison Etc.
Bk Hixson

The Complete Science Fair Handbook for Teachers and Parents
Anthony D. Fredericks and Isaac Asimov

Listen. Write. Present.
Stephanie Roberson Barnard and Deborah St James

Using Statistics in Science Projects
Melanie Jacobs Krieger

Success with Science: Winner's Guide to High School Research
Shiv Gaglani and Maria Elena De Obaldia

Science materials websites:

"How to" guides: