SuperSchool Teacher Training Seminars

SuperSchool teacher training seminars are offered periodically and in a variety of subject areas. SuperSchool helps to enable teachers to broaden their science expertise, jump start their course content and renew their teaching spirit along with their colleagues. SuperSchool is open to teachers at regular public schools, dependent charter schools, independent charter schools with 501(c)(3) public charity status and private non-profit schools with 501(c)(3) public charity status located in California.

We’re adding a dimension to our SuperSchool teacher training classes: in addition to our regular summer classes, we’ll be offering classes online.  We’re starting with “Electricity” taught by Gloriane Hirata.  The classes will be recorded and posted to our YouTube site to be viewed by additional teachers in our network of 900 + teachers.

The class will offer participants an interactive, hands-on experience using a computer with a camera and Internet connection. Computers can be a laptop or desktop and PC or Mac.  No additional software is required. All participants will be emailed a link prior to the website. Just “click” on the link and ask to join the meeting.  It is just that simple. The interactivity of this new class allows participants to ask questions and share ideas with each other. The instructor will address all questions and facilitate discussions. This is all done in “real time”

Teachers will receive the necessary science materials prior to the scheduled session. These materials will be used in conjunction with the live presentation. Participants will also be asked to have some common materials (scissors, masking tape, glue, etc.) on hand to complete the activity during the presentation. This list of additional materials will arrive at your doorstep along with your first set of science materials. Upon completion of the five, one-hour sessions (one per week) in the series, participants will receive a class set of materials to use with their students.

The class will consist of PowerPoint slides, YouTube videos demonstrating hands-on process with voice over by the instructor and Q & A during the class with the instructor.

Classes will be held on 5 consecutive Wednesdays from 4 p m – 5 pm (that’s 5 hours of instruction, total)

You need to participate in and complete all 5 classes.  We’ll be taking attendance at the start and end, and randomly throughout.

The class is approved for 1.0 CEU with SJSU.  You will need to take all 5 one hour classes and do another 5 hours of prep and follow-up on your own.

If you miss one or more classes, your enrollment is nullified.  No CEU.  Don’t sign up unless you can commit.

Participants will need to sign a general release indicating that their images, voices, etc. will be made available online—if you’re not comfortable with this, our online classes are not for you.

We’re BETA testing with local SuperSchool veterans and some other local teachers, but plan to make the video available to teachers throughout our network of 2500 teachers at 900 + schools

In advance of the class, registrants will receive a box of materials to be used during the online class (these are donations to your school).  The materials will be shipped to your school address.

After you complete the class, you will receive an additional shipment to your school: a set of classroom kit materials.

In addition to registering online, you’ll need to send a $ 50 deposit check for the materials.

If you attend all 5 sessions, we destroy the check.  If you cancel, you must do so at least 72 hours in advance of the first class.  If you don’t, or miss any of the 5 sessions, we cash the deposit check.

We’re looking for serious, committed and patient teachers for this BETA class.  Please don’t register as a lark, if you’re concerned about the video going online and if you’re not prepared to be patient as we work through the inevitable kinks in this first go-round.

Review the class descriptions, instructor profiles and CEU information below.  A link to the SuperSchool registration form is located at the bottom of this page.


Instructor: Gloriane Hirata
For teachers of grades 3-8

     This on-line series of five, one hour “hands on” workshops will emphasize 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th through 8th grade science content standards that focus on how electricity is produced and used. The activities were designed to complement any state adopted science curriculum and use common, easily found and/or purchased materials. Teachers will be “shocked” to find how much fun their students will have in discovering the mysteries of moving electrons and the role it plays in our energy hungry lives.

NOTE: This class has been taught by Gloriane previously.  This online class is essentially the same with a few updates.

Topics will include, but not limited to:
• Static Electricity
• Electromagnetism
• Current Electricity
• Energy Transformations

All participants will receive sample lesson plans and a “teacher participant electricity kit” of materials for use in conjunction with on-line presentation. Upon completion of the entire series of workshops, participants will also receive a “classroom set” of supplies for use with their students.

A few examples from the class set of materials you will receive:
• Light bulbs
• Light bulb holders
• Battery holders
• Wire (different types)
• Wool
• Silk
• Pith balls
• Stands for static electricity activities
• Compasses
• Magnets



Instructor Profiles

Heidi Strahm Black holds credentials in physics and biology and has been with the East Side Union High School District for over 30 years.  Heidi spent a year as a Teacher-in-Residence with the Exploratorium and her focus is hands-on learning. She has contributed to the Exploratorium’s curriculum and published in The Physics Teacher.  For the past 15 years Heidi has worked with science fairs at all levels, from individual elementary schools to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Gloriane Hirata retired as the Science Coordinator from the Santa Clara County Office of Education.  With over 30 years of experience in education, Gloriane began her career in elementary and middle school classrooms.  She has also worked outside the public school system as science product manager of an educational software company, manager for The Tech Museum, and educational director for Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT).  Gloriane has served on several non-profit boards, including RAFT and California Science Teachers Association and has also chaired and co-chaired two CSTA statewide conferences. Gloriane has spent the second half of her career providing professional development seminars/workshops to classroom teachers in science.  Even in retirement, she continues to pursue her interest in working with teachers.

Continuing Education Units

CEUs are handled through San Jose State University. If you have a question about CEUs, please call 408-924-2685 or email SuperSchool classes have been approved for Continuing Education Units CEUs. Please note: Ten hours of instruction are required for each CEU and are awarded only in whole number increments (1.0, 2.0, etc.)

We’ll have the paperwork available at each class. FYI, 1 CEU costs $ 60, payable to SJSU.

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