SuperSchool Teacher Training Seminars

SuperSchool teacher training seminars are offered periodically and in a variety of subject areas. SuperSchool helps to enable teachers to broaden their science expertise, jump start their course content and renew their teaching spirit.

The 501c3 non profit Synopsys Outreach Foundation is making available a series of videos of a recently completed online hands-on SuperSchool teacher training class.  The subject is ELECTRICITY and the class is designed for teachers in grades 3-8.

SuperSchool is open to teachers at regular public schools, dependent charter schools, independent charter schools with 501(c)(3) public charity status and private non-profit schools with 501(c)(3) public charity status located in California.

There are five videos; each is at least one hour in length.  You’re invited to watch and participate in these classes on your own timetable and per your own schedule.  If you complete the class by viewing and participating in all five hours plus of the video instruction, you will be eligible for 0.5 CEUs per San Jose State University. Details about how to apply for the CEUs will be provided after completion of the class.

Review the info below and if you’re interested, here are next steps:

There are two ways to view this class: a) watch the videos without materials or b) purchase the materials (see list  below) on your own in advance of the class. The choice is yours.

Apply for the class

You’ll be sent the links to the class via email.

When you complete the class, return to this same page and fill out the portion at the bottom asserting that you have completed the class (scroll down the page to the CLASS COMPLETED section and fill out only that section.

After completion, If you indicate that you want to pursue CEUs for the class, course # and info will be emailed to you.

For teachers of grades 3-8

This recordings of this  series of five one hour “hands on” workshops emphasize 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th through 8th grade science content standards that focus on how electricity is produced and used. The activities were designed to complement any state adopted science curriculum and use common, easily found and/or purchased materials. Teachers will be “shocked” to find how much fun their students will have in discovering the mysteries of moving electrons and the role it plays in our energy hungry lives.

Topics will include, but not limited to:
• Static Electricity
• Electromagnetism
• Current Electricity
• Energy Transformations

You may want to watch the recordings first to get a better sense of the specific materials required to participate but the materials you will need to obtain or purchase include but are not limited to: 
• Light bulbs
• Light bulb holders
• Battery holders
• Wire (different types)
• Wool
• Silk
• Pith balls
• Stands for static electricity activities
• Compasses
• Magnets

A link to the SuperSchool registration form is located at the bottom of this page.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________Continuing Education Units

CEUs are handled exclusively by San Jose State University. If you have a question about CEUs, please call 408-924-2685 or email SuperSchool classes have been approved for Continuing Education Units CEUs. Please note: Ten hours of instruction are required for each CEU and are awarded only in whole number increments (1.0, 2.0, etc.)

FYI, 1 CEU costs $ 60, payable to SJSU.

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