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Letter from Heidi Strahm Black

Dear Teachers,

I have always known in my gut and in my heart that doing hands-on science and science projects was right. I know that there is learning going on that is unscripted and unpredictable, and completely indelible. It is learning so much more real, thorough, and important than memorization – it would make Piaget proud!

Even though you are facing changing science standards and being asked to do more with writing and math you have decided to challenge yourself and your students. There is no easy way to include science fair into the classroom; it is the supreme form of individualized instruction, it is messy, it is time consuming, it takes orchestration, patience, and a sense of humor. I know that in the midst of it all you will question your sanity, but also that at the end of it all you will shine with the reflection of pride in what your students have accomplished.

You are the reason I love my job. Please give me a call or send an email so that, with the help of the Synopsys Outreach Foundation, we can try to help you over the hurdles.

Heidi Strahm Black
Science Fair Outreach