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Synopsys Outreach Foundation Adopts a New Vision and Mission

At this time, we are thrilled to announce a new mission and focus of our organization that we believe will better empower our marginalized Bay Area students to excel in STEM: Collaborate with Greater Bay Area education stakeholders and community partners to provide equitable and inclusive opportunities in project-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Continue Reading Synopsys Outreach Foundation Adopts a New Vision and Mission

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Synopsys Outreach Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

In honor of our 20th anniversary, the Synopsys Outreach Foundation has put together a video highlighting our core programs and achievements. Katherine Houston is a Bay Area leader in Corporate Social Responsibility. Over the past decade, she has held a variety of...

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Message from the President – August 1, 2019

Dear Students,

You are among the brightest young minds in California – future scientists, inventors, humanitarians, engineers, and CEOs.

While some will advance to state and international competitions through this process, every one of you, through your months of hard work and research, have achieved something incredible by just participating in your school’s science/STEM fair.
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Synopsys Outreach Foundation in the News

NBC | Telemundo
NBC Bay Area | Telmundo 48 – March 29, 2024

sciencepalooza! 2024


Get ready for a day of adventure and STEM Fun with sciencepalooza! 2024, proudly presented by our media sponsor, NBC Bay Area & Telemundo 48. Learn more here.
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Gentry Magazine – Nov 4, 2020

A Synchronous Solution

Synopsys Outreach Foundation works with RAFT and Santa Clara County Office of Education to get kits distributed at meal distribution sites at Title I schools.

NBC – Aug 1, 2019

Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Outreach Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Launches Campaign to Honor STEM Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area

STEM Program News

Next Generation Science Events

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are well complimented by California’s innovative Environmental Principals and Concepts (EP&C). Project-based and problem-based learning (PBL) supports the dynamic integration of NGSS’s disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting...

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Distance Learning Resources for STEM Engagement

Animals The San Diego Zoo’s Global Academy brings wild animal investigations to K-12 digital classrooms by providing educators free access to their animal learning modules. Biomimicry Examples of design solutions from Biomimicry Institute will support educators in...

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