Women’s History Month gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the role of women in our communities and everything they are doing to help shape the future of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Nowhere is this more evident than in STEM education.

Here in the Bay Area, approximately 433,000 students are socio-economically disadvantaged and are furthest from access to STEM academic opportunities and resources. By 2025, the number of students is projected to rise to 451,000, according to Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF).

SVEF is just one of the mission-aligned partners that we work with closely to shift those numbers.

“Women’s History Month also reminds me to celebrate the achievements of women in tech, inspire the next generation of female innovators, and continue working towards a more equitable and inclusive future,” says Ignited CEO Emily Dilger.

From educators to non-profit leaders, here’s what we heard this month from women who understand that the way to create a different future for children is to get involved, take action, and lead with passion.

“My role in tech isn’t to make the next gadget, but rather to ensure that the opportunity to be an innovator is available to every student. In this way, we will have a more inclusive, effective and interesting world, says The Tech Interactive’s Director of Education Resources, Sherry Burch.

“I have dedicated my career to ensuring youth with the least access to STEM learning and role models are exposed to lots of career possibilities and believe they can have whatever career they want for themselves,” says The Tech Interactive’s Sr. Director of Educational Partnerships, Christina O’Guinn.

“Being in Silicon Valley and seeing how some of my students didn’t have easy access to tech I wanted to make sure that I prepared them with the necessary skills they needed if they chose to go into the tech industry,” says The Tech Interactive’s Computer Science Education Manager Esmeralda Tovar.

Introducing STEM to children and sparking a love of learning is no easy task. Luckily for the Bay Area’s youth, these women understand its importance and they work tirelessly to create new learning opportunities.

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