The Synopsys Outreach Foundation n + 1 Prize is awarded to the high school and middle school students or team of students from the Synopsys Championship whose science project best exemplifies “the next breakthrough” in science or engineering.

The “breakthrough” can include—but is not limited to—a project that improves the human or animal condition, resolves environmental issues, advances technology, develops a consumer product, or advances fundamental science. Criteria for selection of the winning project include: 1) breakthrough thinking 2) passion for a cause 3) execution excellence and 4) potential for impact. Additional consideration may be given to students who have networked with experts in their topic’s field.

The prize includes an award of $ 500 (high school) and $250 (middle school). The winners will be recognized at the Synopsys Championship Awards Ceremony. n + 1 Prizes will be awarded for a biological sciences and physical sciences projects. 1 winner for high school and 1 winner for middle school will be chosen for each category.

Volunteers Needed: Each n+1 finalist is interviewed by 6 expert judges with credentials in biological and physical sciences, respectively. Judges are asked to attend the Synopsys Championship as well as attend the finalist night in April 2020. If you have interest in becoming a judge, kindly reach out to Katherine Naszradi at

For more information about the n+1 Prize, please email Katherine Naszradi at

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