Science Fair 101 for Educators

Science Fair 101 for Students and Parents

Science Fair 101 is designed for educators and families supporting students developing science projects for school-based science events including Science Fair, Science Family Night, STEM Expo, and STEAM Showcase. The workshop may be customized to meet the needs of school communities and their unique science events.

Presentations run 45 minutes long and may be scaled to meet a school community’s needs. Typically held in the evening for student families in grades K-6, Science Fair 101 may be scheduled as a stand-alone event or part of a PTA or other school-based meeting. Recommended venues include school multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, libraries, or gymnasiums.

The program begins with a live demonstration of a science experiments. Next, ideas and resources for choosing science project topics will be presented. Tips for parents and guardians will reveal how to support child-directed research and investigation. Finally, there will be an interactive walk-through of how to organize and present student projects on a tri-fold board.

Interested in learning more? Want to schedule a Science Fair 101 presentation at your school? Please fill out the form below and our Science Fair 101 presenter will contact you. Note: The presentations are in English, so please plan to provide translator(s) if needed by families in your school community.

NOTE: Incorrect or invalid Email or Street Addresses will result in automatic cancellation of the application. Please use caps and lowercase as appropriate..

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