Science Project Package applications are Now Closed

Educators - Science Project Package applications for this school year are now closed. To be notified when the applications open in fall 2021, and we will notify you when it becomes available.

The 2020-2021 Stipend Structure

In light of the 2021 sciencepalooza science fair taking place virtually, we have revised our stipend structure to better reflect how teachers are supporting the needs of their students this year. This stipend program is available in addition to the items listed below. As in previous years, the maximum one teacher can receive from our stipend program is $3,000. All participating teachers must send a completed W9 to Lauren Foote at by February 1st, 2021. Any questions about the new stipend program can be shared with

  • $250: Advisory council members get $250 stipend
  • $150: If teacher judges at sciencepalooza (online)
  • $75: For each SSSMART mentoring session supervised by a teacher
  • $1,000: Donation to science department of any new school that participates with 10+ entries
  • $250: bonus for each new teacher with 5+ entries
  • $50: maximum reimbursement for materials per child supported by a teacher (must show receipts)
  • Remainder of teachers get stipends based on the number of student projects they submit to sciencepalooza:

    • 0-5: $150
    • 5-10: $250
    • 11-20: $500
    • 21-30: $750
    • 31-40: $1000
    • 41-50: $1250
    • 50+: $1500


Understanding most teachers and students are currently working remotely, we have added additional flexible resources to this year’s package. In addition to the traditional supplies, teachers in Santa Clara County will be eligible to receive a membership to either RAFT, CASE, or NSTA – all of which will provide you with additional training and resources to help you execute upon project-based STEM remotely. You will also have the option of selecting one classroom kit that can be broken down and distributed to students outside of school. If you have any questions about this year’s distribution, please reach out to us at

Each teacher may request:

Note: Materials provided by the Synopsys Outreach Foundation are provided for the purpose of developing science projects and not grants to individual teachers. Materials provided may not be re-sold to students or parents.

Boxes containing deliveries of boards and other materials must be opened immediately upon receipt and that any shortages and discrepancies must be reported to the foundation no later than 10 days after receipt. The foundation cannot correct shorted deliveries that are reported after that date.

Who Qualifies to Apply for a Stipend and/or a Science Project Package?

These programs are currently open to teachers in the East Side Union High School District in San Jose, CA.

Expectations of Teachers


The Stipend program is open to East Side Union High School District teachers who perform one or more of the following roles: Advisory Council Member, sciencepalooza judge, supervisor of a SSSMART mentoring session, teacher at a school that has not previously participated in sciencepalooza and has 10+ students participate in the 2021 sciencepalooza, advisors of students submitting projects to sciencepalooza.

All of these individuals must encourage students to undertake projects of significant depth and term and provide direction, guidance and assistance to ensure the proper submission of applications for participation in sciencepalooza!

All recipients of our stipend program, must submit a completed W-9 tax form via email to the Outreach Foundation by February 1st, 2021. A stipend will not be issued until such a form is received. Monies received from our stipend program are taxable income.

Science Project Package Program

This program is open to all East Side Union High School District teachers.

Understand that the Science Project Package is taxable income. Science Project Packages totaling $600 and more is reported to the IRS on IRS Form 1099. Science Project Packages of any amount is reported to the California EDD on Form DE542. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended as tax advice. Please consult your personal tax advisor. Understand that there is a tax liability: Recently, several teachers receiving compensation from the foundation’s Science Project Package Program have been contacted by the City of San Jose and informed that they need to register with the City as a small business and, accordingly, pay a small business tax to the City of San Jose. If you receive a Science Project Package from the foundation you should be aware that you may be contacted by the City and required to register and pay this additional tax.

Please note that the number of Science Project Package Units is limited, and the application process will CLOSE once the quota is reached. The materials provided by the Synopsys Outreach Foundation are provided for the purposes of the developing science projects and not grants to individual teachers. These items provided by the Foundation are to be used or spent only for the purposes of developing and displaying science projects and general science learning for students in grades K-12.

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