The 22st annual sciencepalooza! will be held virtually on Saturday, February 6, 2021
sciencepalooza! FAQs
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Thank you for your interest in participating in sciencepalooza!,
the annual science fair of East Side Union High School District.


This year, sciencepalooza! will be a virtual, online event February 6, 2021.

All students must have an ESUHSD teacher-advisor for their projects. All students must submit application forms for project pre-approval through the East Side Union High School District’s sciencepalooza! Google Classroom.

Mentors for science projects are available through Santa Clara University’s STEM Outreach Dashboard and through San Jose State University’s Engineering Ambassador’s Club.

Students with approved projects, teachers, and judges may register to participate in the online sciencepalooza! event on the sciencepalooza.zfair.com site.

Sciencepalooza FAQs

  • What is sciencepalooza!? sciencepalooza! is the annual science fair of the East Side Union High School District of San Jose, California.
  • Who participates? Any student in Grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 who attends an East Side Union high school may participate.
  • What are the categories? Experiment-based project categories include physical sciences, life sciences, and earth/space sciences. Projects are evaluated by judges using an experiment project rubric. Engineering is a separate category with a different judging rubric.
  • Who judges? Judges come from the community—teachers, university researchers and faculty, and industry scientists.
  • Are there prizes? There are prizes in every category, certificates of recognition from community partners, and a raffle.
    Why should I participate in sciencepalooza!?
    • Personal Passion Project: Doing a science project empowers you to engage in the real work of conducting scientific research that interests you.
    • Preparation for University or Career: Conducting your own scientific research prepares you for laboratory work at a university or a career in a STEM field.
    • Preparation for Life: Working collaboratively with peers, you will gain experience in cooperating on projects, designing plans, solving problems, running tests, meeting deadlines, communicating your findings, and other important life skills.
  • Will I get to see other students’ projects? There will be time for you to visit projects from your friends and students from other East Side schools.
  • Will it help me get to college? Only 2% of high school students compete in a science fair. Writing about your discoveries and challenges in conducting your science fair project enhances a college application.


Contact hello@outreach-foundation.org with any questions you may have.


This year’s fair will be held virtually, online February 6, 2021
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