East Side Union High School District and Other Invited Teachers

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in participating in sciencepalooza! scheduled for February 1, 2020 at the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds. Each sciencepalooza! Entry Form will automatically be assigned a sciencepalooza! Entry Control Number. After you submit your Entry, both the teacher and student will receive an email confirmation that will include all the information submitted and the control number. The control number will allow the teacher and student to access the sciencepalooza! entry to make changes later and/or to view/download the information. Be sure to save the control numbers.

The Synopsys Championship

Note: If you are planning to also enter the project in The Synopsys Championship you will need to submit a separate form. For entry information and an event calendar, please check The Synopsys Championship Website. Robyn Stone (stonero@esuhsd.org) is available to review your Synopsys Championship application before submission.

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