Free Lesson Plans & STEM Activities

Project Wild – Curriculum, Activities, & Training, and K-12 Lesson Plans on Wildlife & Habitat
Atmosphere & Climate:
Climate Kids – NASA’s Digital Compendium of Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Interactive Tools, and Phenomenon Videos for K-5 on Earth & Space Science
Biology Classroom Resources – National Science Foundation’s top K-12 digital biology classroom resources from birds to neuroscience
Chemistry Education Resources – American Chemical Society’s top K-12 Lesson Plans, Activities, and Classroom Resources
Climate & Weather:
Global Climate Change Resources – NASA’s K-12 Climate Change Education Modules, Climate Literacy Lesson Plans, Digital Library for Earth Systems Education, and US Department of Energy Lesson Plans and Activities

Climate Change:
Climate Change Education – National Geographic Classroom Resources, Lesson Plans, Phenomenon Videos, Professional Development, and Student Activities K-12 

Alliance for Climate Education – Webinars, Lesson Plans, Infographics, Phenomenon Videos, and more for Grades 6-12

Coding: – K-12 Computer Science Learning Lesson Plans, Teaching Methods, and Student Projects

MakeAcademy Classroom – A free remote classroom tool for projects and hands-on learning. If you’re teaching a hands-on program that involves designing, video-making, coding, engineering, or building things, this tool is for you. It includes classroom/student management tools, and will allow you to engage with other project-based classrooms.

Data Literacy:
Oceans of Data – Oceans of Data Institute’s K-12 tools for building data literacy skills
Early STEM:
PEEP Science Curriculum for Early Educators – Produced by WGBH Boston’s Public Television Network, PEEP offers video-based professional development, units of investigation around key themes, lesson plans, and hands-on activities and more

General Science:
California Academy of Sciences: Educators – K-12 Citizen Science Toolkits, Lesson Plans, Teaching Resources, Professional Development, Phenomenon Videos, Science Notebook Guides, Infographics, and more in Climate Literacy; Life Science; Earth & Space Science; Environmental Science; and Physical Science 

California PBS Learning Media: Science – K-12 Phenomenon videos, lesson plans, activities, interactive tools, and more in Earth/Space Science; Life Science; Physical Science; Nature of Science; and Instrumentation, Measurement, and Units

Earth Science:
Earth and Environment Resources – National Science Foundation’s top K-12 digital Earth and Environment classroom resources from climate literacy to lunar exploration to systems studies
Ecoliteracy – Center for Ecoliteracy’s K-12 Lesson Plans, Activities, Infographics, Phenomenon Photos & Videos on Ecological Education, Food & Sustainability, and Systems Change

Engineering is Elementary: Engineering Curricula – Museum of Boston’s collection of videos shows how to organize and prep materials for engineering investigations K-8

TryEngineering (IEEE) – Engineering resources for K-12 educators and students

TeachEngineering – Engineering resources and STEM curriculum for K-12 educators and students

California Education and the Environment Curriculum – K-12 Digital and print NGSS/Common Core aligned units of investigation in history/social studies and science on California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts
Illuminations – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics K-12 Digital Lesson Plans and Units of Investigation, Activities, Interactive Games, and more in Number & Operations; Algebra; Geometry; Measurement; and Data Analysis & Probability

Math Toolkit (PDF) – Math toolkit for East Side Alliance teachers in San Jose, CA

Monterey Bay Aquarium Classroom Resources – K-12 Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Games, Activities, Projects, Phenomenon Photos & Videos on Ocean Literacy
American Association of Physics Teachers – K-12 Webinars, Digi Kits, Publications and more
Plants & Trees:
Project Learning Tree – K-12 Unit and Lesson Plans, Professional Development Training, and Green Schools Initiatives
Institute for Humane Education – Grades 6-12 Lesson Plans, Guidebook, and Workshops on solution-based interdisciplinary global problem investigations and change advocacy
Krause Innovation Center – K-12 Educator Workshops & Training in Computer Science, Math, Makerspace, and more
Project Wet – Curriculum, Activities, & Training, and K-12 Lesson Plans on Water Issues correlated to NGSS, Ocean, & Climate Literacy Standards

Science Fair Projects

Research on STEM Education

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – A government agency to provide nonpartisan, objective guidance for decision makers
WestEd – A nonpartisan, nonprofit research, development, and service agency

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