Testimonials and Appreciation

Teacher Comments: Science Project Packages provided by the Synopsys Outreach Foundation

 I teach in a small rural K-8 school……. I want to let you know how much of an impact your donation of display boards had on our science fair this year. My community has been severely hit by the recent economic downturn, and few of my families are able to afford many of the essential school supplies we take for granted. This spring, thanks to your donation, all of our students were able to have display boards for their science projects. This equalized the activity considerably and contributed significantly to the success of our local science fair/family science night. Our audience was duly impressed, and our young scientists were proud of their displayed research. Thank you so much for helping our children and their families. As a classroom teacher, I find my job much easier when we can avoid “have/have not” situations.
 This evening is our open house featuring our Science Fair. Our multipurpose room is filled to the brim with a tremendous assortment of science projects thanks to the support of your foundation. We truly appreciate the donation of the tri-fold boards.
 Thank you so much for all your focus on science education and support for this new generation of scientific thinkers and achievers.
 . . . we used every one (of the science project poster boards) for science fair projects, history projects, engineering design competitions and more. Thanks for your generosity during these tough times.
 We just had our school science fair last night. If it weren’t for the tri-fold science project poster boards our science fair would not have gone as well. Students had a good time coming up with the ideas and loved using the boards to present their projects. The parents were happy with the displays and the results. Thank you again.
 . . . thank you so much for the supplies that you donated this year. Our students truly benefitted from our Science Fair/ Literacy Night. We had about 200 people, and lots of science books and hands-on experiments for students. It was great!
 . . . you guys are AWESOME!!!!!

Teacher Comments: SuperSchool Teacher Training Classes

What a great session! The ideas I got can be easily implemented in my classroom to teach the science content standards…and the materials we received are FANTASTIC!
Great hands-on activities…wonderful to receive all these materials – free!
The instructor made science fun…excited to receive a donation of a microscope….making pizza as part of the class was great!
Excellent class-great information, excellent materials and lessons. Applicable to wide range of science grade levels standards.
Great hands-on instruction integrated with science!
Great teaching ideas!
Excellent class! Great to have handouts and materials-this ensures that I will teach the activities-we covered a lot of material in one day!