by | Sep 3, 2020


The San Diego Zoo’s Global Academy brings wild animal investigations to K-12 digital classrooms by providing educators free access to their animal learning modules.


Examples of design solutions from Biomimicry Institute will support educators in engaging middle and high school students in solving global challenges with inspiration from nature.

Climate Change

Nasa’s Global Climate Change Educator Resources provides educators with digital tools to support middle and high school students, while Nasa’s Climate Kids offers digital experiences for elementary age students.

Computer Science

Code provides tools to K-12 educators, their students, and students’ families that develop skills in computer science fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Data Science

Oceans of Data Institute offers tools to build PK-12 data literacy skills.


The Tech Interactive’s Bowers Institute provides resources for K-12 educators in building distance learning engineering design challenges.


With PK – 12 lessons and interactives, Illuminations from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics helps educators engage students in all content strands of Common Core Math.


University of Colorado, Boulder’s PHET portal provides K-12 educators with interactive simulations in math and science, in all content areas.


Educators explore how “The World becomes What We Teach” at Institute for Humane Education’s Center for Solutionary Change and learn how to design investigations for middle and high school students that lead to change through community action and advocacy.

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