Our first series of STEM Shops concluded in September 2022 and we could not be more thrilled! The brainchild of our STEM Programs Manager, Lauren Foote, the STEM Shops program was created in 2022 to ensure we were proactively meeting the ‘back to school’ needs of Bay Area Teachers in each of the counties we serve.

In our first year, we were honored to partner with Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties to host four events which provided material support to over 400 educations (many of whom are just entering the profession)!

At each of the events, teachers were invited to attend a community building, STEM supply pickup party where they received a bag with over $100 of materials for their classroom including clipboards, notebooks, rulers, and more. Additionally, each featured a shaved ice truck and resources from their local county office of education.

We wish these amazing STEM champions a fantastic 2022/2023 school year ahead! If you are interested in bringing this event to your school or county in fall 2023, please email Lauren Foote at lauren.foote@outreach-foundation.org.

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